11 May 2012

Want Free WiFi with That? (War-Driving Tips)

Good Morning America's Becky Worley shows you how to get free WiFi, almost anywhere. which our intrepid correspondent shows road warriors how to get free WiFi just about anywhere. It's a fun video with lots of tips, but we have doubts about the concept as well as some of the methods on display. Watch it for yourself, after the break.

Becky Worley capably and entertainingly demonstrates the 'how', yet glosses over some details. In two scenes, she appears to push the limits of local parking enforcement (e.g.: "...just underneath the Golden Arches" or 20 feet from Starbucks' front door).

Worse, her basic claim -- free, no-strings Wifi -- skirts the question of legality. Around the world, a number of wireless network thieves freeloaders piggybackers have run afoul of local regulations, including criminal charges such as 'Theft of Services'.:

Don't get us wrong, Becky does her usual fine job here; she's very professional and always fun to watch. But MobilePhonesFan thinks she's giving short shrift to a very complicated subject for which there are (at present) few established rules or regulations.

What do you think? Let us know, in the comments.

via: Yahoo

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