15 May 2012

Apple Inc. Earns More than New Zealand

Market cap of $520 billion makes Apple Inc. the world's largest corporation.
Rumor has it, Apple are planning to patent 'numbers'.
With a market-cap of some $520 billion, Apple, Inc., is the world's largest corporation.*

You may wonder how Apple got to be 'biggest' in value when they seem relatively small in other metrics. After all, WalMart has more employees, Best Buy has more stores and Exxon-Mobil takes in more cash...

Basically, it's all about efficiency. Apple simply does more with less, which means they get to keep a higher percentage of what they earn. Adding more retail locations will likely add revenue, but at additional cost.

A brief list of comparisons should help to put things in some perspective. And for all you 'Big Picture', right-brain types, we've also got a helpful -- and enormous -- graphic visualization from the folks at Sortable.

All figures approx.; expressed in USD:

  *Privately-held, that is.
**Comparing 12-month revenues vs. GDP: Apple = $142 billion; NZ = $127 billion.

So, yeah -- MobilePhonesFan thinks Apple's doing pretty darn well for their size. Here's the infographic.:

Infographic: In 2011 Apple Inc.'s corporate revenue was higher than the GDP of New Zealand.
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via: Sortable

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