12 May 2012

Socialmatic: Instagram for an Analog World

Antonio DeRosa's Socialmatic camera concept is like Instagram for the real world
Looks familiar and yet it doesn't...
This my friends is 'Socialmatic', the as-yet-unreleased creation of Italy's ADR Studios; certain to delight the eye and tantalize the senses, as well as maybe giving your brain a wedgie. Oh, I know what you're thinking; you've never before seen or heard of this pretty thing and yet it seems so very, very familiar...

Suddenly, you know instinctively what Socialmatic is: the lovechild of a Polaroid camera and iPhone 4S, wrapped in a onesie made from Instagram's conspicuously retro corporate logo. Told that what you've seen is a digital fantasy, the product of a fertile imagination and hours of Photoshop, the post-modern aura is complete.

It's like Bob Dylan editing a director's cut of Subterranean Homesick Blues in iMovie.

Seriously, do you want this or some dopey e-paper wristwatch?
For now, Socialmatic is a dream, existing only in the mind of designer Antonio DeRosa. But DeRosa is actively seeking the "huge investment" needed to get his beautiful concept -- whose DNA includes interchangeable lenses, touch-screen display, WiFi, Bluetooth, and onboard color printer -- gestated from digital embryo to real world device.

If this isn't an ideal Kickstarter project, MobilePhonesFan doesn't know what is.

via: ADR Studios

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