12 May 2012

Vintage Cell Phones, from Cool to Crap ...

Image gallery of mobile phones history shows old cellphones weren't as great as we remember.
Yes, kids, once there were giant mobile handsets. And pay phones.
...a photographic tour through 20 years of portable cellular mobile phone history.

You'll see a mixed bag of phones, phone users and use-cases, many of which older readers are bound to recognize. MobilePhonesFan's reactions ranged from warm nostalgia to abject horror ('People actually paid money to carry that hideous...thing!?').

Good times.

The overall effect is very entertaining, with enough factual content in the captions to qualify for continuing education credits. Once you forget that you're watching yet another !@#$% Web slideshow, you'll have a ball. Hit the source link (below) or click here.

via: TPM

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