21 May 2012

Android Fragmentation FTW! Week in Mobile

Samsung fleeces Apple's sheep, plus 9 more surprising stories from the week's mobile news...
Shout out to da sheeple!
Samsung's Not Just Flocking Around
...Plus 9 More Tails from last Week's Mobile News

Do we really need to tell you?

Surprisingly, they weren't joking. Or drunk.
Ups and downs in the mobile phones biz.

Leaked images are real...and they're spectacular.
How about the BitTorrent killer they financed?
Get ready, 'cuz here comes tiered data!

Exactly How Big is Apple, Inc.?
In 2011, They Out-Earned New Zealand
…without even a single sheep or Hobbit movie.
We like. Iz pretty. We can haz?
We're told they just say, "Yay!" or 앗싸.

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