10 May 2012

UK Phone Boxes to Offer Free WiFi?

UK wireless operator Spectrum Interactive offers location based WiFi service to London businesses
Download speed of 5th-generation WiFi (artist's conception)
Wireless operator Spectrum Interactive has launched a unique marketing scheme for London area retailers. They plan to leverage their network of 1,800 WiFi hotspots -- all of which are discretely located in phone-boxes they purchased from BT -- for use in a location-based advertising service.

SI will sell coupons redeemable for free WiFi, which store owners can then use in their own promotions. In theory, this allows small shops to compete on convenience with large chains like Starbucks and McDonald's, without all the set up and maintenance costs usually associated with running local, in-house networks.
It's unclear whether coupon redemption will be location-limited, via GPS. However, for now the WiFi service is itself available in only a limited part of London. If this initial campaign is a success, Spectrum Interactive plans to eventually expand the program throughout the city and then across the country.

MobilePhonesFan has reached out for further comment, but there's been no word on what we consider some of the most important details -- like whether Spectrum Interactive plan to employ Police Call boxes (or cute redheads). We'll keep you posted.

Image: BBC

via: El Reg

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