11 May 2012

No More Tweets from Windows Phone?

Microsoft winds down Windows Live branding; Windows Phone tweets now say 'via Microsoft'
'Windows Live' falls, can't get up.
Probably a sad day for some marketing people in Redmond.

Their latest Windows Phone firmware signs tweets 'via Microsoft', dropping the 'via Windows Live' signature they've been using since Windows Phone's introduction, in know, way back when Microsoft had a sense of humor about WP.

Yes, it looks like 'Windows Live' has reached EOL, along with 'Zune' and 'Azure'. In coming months, you can expect to see even more of Microsoft's mobile products and services re-badged with staid 'Windows' or 'Microsoft' labels.

Not that we're saying 'Live' will be missed. Maybe by avid gamers on XBox Live, but certainly not by us. And from what we've seen about Microsoft's plans to 're-think opportunities for Windows Live', the company won't miss it either.:

What in heck is was 'Windows Live', anyway? What did 'Windows LIve' mean ...what image was the brand intended to project? Ok, 'Windows' is clear enough...but 'Live'? Were they simply hoping to establish the brand as not 'dead'?

MobilePhonesFan was never quite sure. And that's a separate matter from whether it's a good idea to slap 'Windows' on everything you make. Tho' the 'Microsoft' marque has some baggage, we think the Windows brand is far worse.

Image: windowsphonedaily

via: Metro Powered

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