10 May 2012

Nokia Dev City (Rack City parody)

Nokia Developers promote Microsoft Ready Set Code hackathon challenge with hip-hop parody, Dev City
Catch a falling phone and put it in your pocket...
n.b.: Some links have changed. Be sure to read our updates, at the end.

To help spread the word that their Windows Phone platform desperately needs 3rd-party developers (developers, developers, etc.), Nokia and Microsoft are sponsoring a whirlwind tour they're calling the Ready.Set () {Code} Challenge.

It's a series of fourteen hackathons in 13 North American cities, beginning in Ohio this Saturday (12 May) and finishing with a date in Vancouver (BC), mid-June. Each event will last ~12 hours, with winners announced same night.

To kick things off, the Nokia Dev Forum offers a parody of Tyga's hit song Rack City. With the subtitle 'Nokia Lumia Rap', it turns the subject from Las Vegas (AKA: 'Rack City') to...well, developing for Microsoft's Windows Phone mobile OS...

Here's the promo blurb at NDF's website.:
Bringing cool to coding. Mobile devices are cool. Mobile apps are cool. Mobile Developers are about to get cooler. Nokia Developer is turning towns into Dev Cities with its Ready.Set () {Code} Challenge.
We are hitting 13-cities looking for developers who want to build an experience not just another app. Developers who build the coolest, baddest apps for the Windows Phone platform and Nokia Lumia devices earn devices & prizes. Sign up for a Challenge near you:
Which brings us back to the Dev City Kid (Nokia Lumia Rap) music video.

Don't get us wrong -- that's a catchy tune. (Give it an 8.5) And we loves us some hip-hop parodies. (Even the dirty ones.) Mostly, tho' 'Dev City' makes us wonder if folks at Nokia HQ were out to lunch when they gave this video the green light.

Why? Because except for the title and a quick glimpse of cyan Lumia 900 at the 2:00 mark, there's no sign "Dev City" has any connection to Nokia or Windows Phone. Even the lyrics mention 'Nokia', 'Lumia' 'Metro' and 'Steve Ballma' exactly once.

Color MobilePhonesFan confused. Watch the video and tell us what you think...

Their YouTube page says Nokia devs are "Bringing cool to coding." If you say so. But Nokia's Dev City parody video strikes us as more like bringing the 'really?' to relevance. And the lyrics aren't helping. Nice try, guys, but don't quit your day jobs.

via: Nokia Developer Forum

Update (11 May): Looks like some people can't take a little criticism; the Nokia Dev Forum parody video Dev City Kid is now private. Where's Simon Cowell when you need him?

However, once something is posted to Teh Interwebz, you can't delete it. And now the 'Dev City hip-hop parody video (Nokia Lumia Rap) is back on YouTube. We've embedded it, above.

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