10 May 2012

FREE CoPilot GPS for Android, iPhone

ALK Technologies drops price of CoPilot navigation app to FREE for iPhone, Android

Hoping to avoid extermination at the hands of no-cost competitors Google Maps and Nokia Drive, ALK Technologies have decided to follow the old if you can't beat 'em, join 'em rule.

That's why CoPilot GPS navigation is now free for Android and iOS devices. More accurately, CoPilot GPS is being offered as a freemium app, with a list of free features plus some noteworthy 'premium' options available via handy, in-app upgrade...

The free (basic) version of CoPilot GPS Navigation includes:
  • 2D street maps stored on-device for offline use
  • Alternate Routes; provides up to 3 ways to your destination
  • Drag and drop to adjust your route or destination
  • Text directions for driving or traveling by foot
  • Share your location with friends on Twitter and Facebook 

APK's premium upgrade package -- including voice navigation, speed limit warnings and 3D maps -- costs £17.49 (approx. $29) via in-app purchase. There's also a second option for CoPilot users: a one-year subscription to traffic data for £9.99 (~$16).

    Download links: Google Play Store - ITunes

    via: CoPilot

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